Recent Car Wreck Cases and other Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Below are summaries of a few of the recent car wreck cases handled by the Kittell Law Firm.  You can read about car wreck cases here.

Coahoma County Car Wreck Lawsuit – The Kittell Law Firm was recently hired to represent a Clarksdale woman who suffered significant injuries when her car was rearended by a large truck being driven by a texting 16 year old.  Don’t text and drive!  The client suffered injuries to her back and is still in pain nearly a year later.  The lawsuit will be filed soon in the Circuit Court of Coahoma County, Mississippi.

Marshall County Wrongful Death Lawsuit – The Kittell Law Firm represents the wrongful death beneficiaries of a young boy who was killed when he was ejected from the vehicle in which he was riding after the driver of the vehicle negligently rear ended the vehicle in front of him.  The lawsuit is pending in the Circuit Court of Marshall County, Mississippi and includes an uninsured motorist claim. The lawsuit seeks damages for the loss of the boy’s life, including his pain and suffering and the effect of his death on his family.

Desoto County Car Wreck Lawsuit – In a recent lawsuit involving a motor vehicle accident, the Kittell Law Firm represent a resident of Desoto County who was injured in a car wreck in Olive Branch, Mississippi.  The other driver failed to yield the right of way to the vehicle in which our client was a passenger.  As a result, the two vehicles collided and our client was severely injured.  The Kittell Law Firm filed a lawsuit on her behalf seeking damages for her injuries.

Car Wreck Lawsuit including UnderInsured Motorist Claim against State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company – In another one of our recent car wreck cases, a personal injury lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court of Prentiss County, Mississippi.  The Plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle traveling northbound on U.S. Highway 45 when a vehicle that had been stopped at the intersection of U.S. Highway 45 and Mississippi Highway 145 pulled into the lane of the vehicle in which the Plaintiff was riding, causing a motor vehicle accident.  The Plaintiff suffered serious injuries, including a broken leg, in the collision.  The lawsuit included a claim against the negligent driver of the other vehicle, whose insurance was insufficient to compensate the Plaintiff for her significant injuries.  The lawsuit therefore also named the underinsured motorist insurance carrier State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company as a defendant so the Plaintiff could recover additional funds from the UM policy of the owner of the vehicle in which she was riding.

Rear end motor vehicle collision in Coahoma County, Mississippi – The Plaintiff was injured when his vehicle was rear ended by another vehicle on Highway 322 in Coahoma County, Mississippi.  As a result of the Defendant’s negligent failure to maintain a proper distance behind the Plaintiff’s vehicle, the Plaintiff suffered significant injuries and lost wages.

Client injured in car wreck in Desoto County, Mississippi – A Kittell Law Firm client was injured when the vehicle he was operating collided when another driver abandoned her vehicle partially in our client’s lane.  Our client crested a hill at dusk and could not avoid colliding with the portion of the vehicle left in his lane.  Our client suffered significant injuries due to the car wreck caused by the negligence of the other driver.  The Kittell Law Firm filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of our injured client in the County Court of Desoto County, Mississippi.

Lawsuit regarding Motor Vehicle Collision – Filed in the Circuit Court of Hancock County, Mississippi.  Client’s vehicle became disabled on four lane highway.  Client pulled over onto shoulder and put on her blinkers.  The Defendant’s vehicle then allegedly collided with the rear of the Plaintiff’s vehicle, causing serious injuries to the Plaintiff.

Client rear ended in Tunica County, Mississippi at intersection of Highway 304 and Highway 61 – The Kittell Law Firm has recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a woman who was injured while the vehicle in which she was riding was rear ended while sitting at a red light.  Our client and her husband were waiting for the red light to turn green so they could cross Highway 61. Unfortunately, their vehicle was rear ended by another vehicle, who failed to stop before colliding with the rear of our client’s vehicle.  The other driver’s negligence caused a severe collision.  Our client suffered a serious injury to her shoulder, which required surgery.  Even after surgery and extensive physical therapy, our client can not lift her arm above shoulder level.  The Kittell Law Firm filed a lawsuit on our client’s behalf in the Circuit Court of Tunica County, Mississippi.

Lawsuit involving car wreck in Tate County, Mississippi – A Kittell Law Firm client suffered serious injuries when, while attempting to pass a vehicle on Highway 306 just outside of Coldwater, Mississippi, the vehicle failed to signal and made a left turn directly into our client’s vehicle.  The collision forced our client’s vehicle off the road.  His vehicle ultimately came to rest in a ditch. Our client suffered injuries to his body, including his knee, which has resulted in a permanent limp and forced him to incur significant medical expenses.  The Kittell Law Firm filed a lawsuit on his behalf in the Circuit Court of Tate County, Mississippi.

Car Wreck involving Car Hauler – Recent case involving an injured client from DeSoto County, Mississippi who suffered back and neck injuries when the vehicle in which she was riding was sideswiped by a car hauler, causing her vehicle to careen off the interstate.

Lawsuit caused by ambulance driver’s negligence – Lawsuit filed in the Circuit Court of Tunica County, Mississippi.  Client was injured while traveling south on Highway 61 in Tunica County, Misssissippi when an ambulance driver, who was not on an emergency call, ran a stop light and pulled directly in front of the Plaintiff.  The client slammed on her brakes, trying to avoid a collision, but struck the ambulance and was also struck by the vehicle directly behind her.  The client suffered a serious injury to her lower back.

Lawsuit regarding a Motorcycle Accident – Filed in the Circuit Court of Itawamba County, Mississippi.  This accident allegedly occurred when a vehicle suddenly and without warning made an illegal left hand turn onto an “emergency vehicles only” lane, causing the motorcycle traveling behind it to lose control.  Both motorcycle riders were thrown from their motorcycle, causing serious injuries.

Verdict regarding recent car wreck case in Coahoma County, Mississippi – Kittell recently successfully tried a car wreck case on a hit and run case in Coahoma County, Mississippi.  Kittell’s clients were waiting to turn right onto a side street when the vehicle in which they were riding was rearended.  The person who rearended them then sped off.  After the clients’ insurance company refused to offer a fair settlement, Kittell filed suit and took the case all the way to trial, resulting in four verdicts for the clients, who ultimately received fair compensation for their injuries.

Recent car wreck case in Green County, Mississippi – Husband and wife were injured when another vehicle, who had ran a stop sign, collided with the driver’s door of the vehicle.  Both husband and wife suffered broken ribs and other significant physical injuries, requiring that they be air lifted to the hospital via helicopter.

Recent car wreck case involving tractor trailer in Greenville, Mississippi – In one of our car wreck cases, a client was injured when her vehicle collided with the rear of a tractor trailer that allegedly stopped in her lane to make a left turn, rather than using the left turn lane.  As a result of the truck driver’s negligence, the Plaintiff suffered a fractured left femur, two fractured ribs, a fractured molar, and a fracture to the fourth metacarpal of her right hand.

Rear end accident in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi – The vehicle being operated by the Plaintiff was rear ended by another vehicle who was negligently following the Plaintiff’s vehicle too closely.  As a result, the Plaintiff suffered serious injuries.

Lawsuit regarding catastrophic injuries suffered by pedestrian struck by train – One of our recent car wreck cases was filed in the Circuit Court of Coahoma County, Mississippi.  The client was injured when she was struck by a train while crossing at a marked train crossing.  The train amputated one of her arms as well as portions of both of her feet.  Client suffered severe brain damage and was hospitalized in a vegetative state until her death months later.