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Slip and Fall Attorney

Boasting the largest premises liability verdict ever in DeSoto County history, slip and fall attorney Christopher E. Kittell can and will represent you fully if you have been injured as a result of a business owner’s negligence. If you have suffered a slip and fall injury in Mississippi, particularly in DeSoto, Tunica, or Coahoma County, we encourage you to contact our firm today.  Our firm has experience representing persons injured in falls, particularly falls at the casinos in the Robinsonville, Tunica County area.

Premises Liability and Slip-and-Fall Cases

Premises liability lawsuits include cases where individuals are injured on the premises or property owned by another. Examples of premises liability cases include slip and falls, trip and falls, inadequate security, and swimming pool drowning cases. Premises liability cases can result in serious, life-changing injuries as well as significant medical bills and lost wages.

The most common premises liability cases are those arising from slip and falls and trip and falls. To prevail in a slip-and-fall case or a trip-and-fall case in Mississippi, including DeSoto, Tunica, or Coahoma County, the jury must first find that a dangerous condition existed on the property.  Next, the jury must find that either the property owner created the dangerous condition which caused the injury; knew about the dangerous condition yet failed to correct it; or, third, that the dangerous condition existed for a long enough time that the property owner should have know of its existence on the property.

If the jury finds that a dangerous condition existed and that at least one of the three theories of negligence is applicable, then the jury can award money to the injured person to compensate him or her for the injuries suffered.  The jury’s verdict can include compensation for both past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, permanent impairment, and lost wages caused by missing work due to the physical injuries.

Located one county east of the Tunica County, Mississippi casinos, trial attorney Christopher E. Kittell of the Kittell Law Firm has successfully represented many persons injured while visiting the casinos, as well as persons injured at various department stores.  Christopher E. Kittell’s tenacity in the courtroom has resulted in successful recoveries for his clients in slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall cases all over DeSoto County, Tunica County, Coahoma County, Northern Mississippi and the Mississippi Delta, including Hernando and Tunica.

The Kittell Law Firm represents those injured in premises liability cases all over the Mississippi Delta and Northern Mississippi, including Hernando, Tunica, Southaven, Horn Lake, Olive Branch, Clarksdale, Cleveland, Greenville, Batesville, Oxford, Pontotoc, Tupelo, Corinth, Grenada, Vicksburg, Senatobia and Holly Springs, as well as Memphis, Tennessee and Helena, Arkansas.

File a Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit – Contact an experienced Premises Liability Attorney

Typically, a premises liability lawsuit in Mississippi must be filed within three years of the date of the injury.  However, in some cases, the deadline to file your lawsuit could be as short as one year.  Therefore, you need to contact slip-and-fall attorney Christopher E. Kittell today for a free consultation regarding your premises liability case. If you have been injured and believe you have a premises liability claim, please contact us today for a free consultation. We proudly serve DeSoto, Tunica, Coahoma, and surrounding counties. Put Christopher E. Kittell’s successful trial record and vast experience to work for you.

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