Below are summaries of a few of the recent DUI cases handled by the Kittell Law Firm:

DUI in Hernando City Court – In one of its recent DUI cases, the Kittell Law Firm recently defended a Hernando resident charged with a DUI, careless driving, running a red light and no insurance.  The Kittell Law Firm was able to have the DUI and the other charges dismissed with the exception of the ticket for running the red light because our client admitted on video to running the red light.  Though charged with a DUI, our client did not lose his driving privileges, as the DUI charge against him was dismissed.

DUI in Southaven City Court – One of its recent DUI cases involved a client who was sitting in her vehicle at the Southaven Sonic, waiting for the food she had ordered and minding her own business, when she was approached by members of the Southaven Police Department.  Even though the officers did not have reasonable cause to approach our client since she was merely sitting in her vehicle, the officers not only approached our client but also arrested our client and charged her with a DUI, even though they were not able to a breathalyzer reading.  The Kittell Law Firm is aggressively defending this client.

DUI in Oxford City Court – The Kittell Law Firm defended a recent graduate of Ole Miss who was charged with a DUI, careless driving and no insurance.  The Kittell Law Firm was able to get the DUI charge non-adjudicated and the rest of the charges dismissed.  Even though he was charged with a DUI and had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit, our client did not lose his driving privileges.  The Kittell Law Firm obtained this favorable result with only one court appearance made by our client.