Testimonials Regarding Hernando Attorney Christopher Kittell

Definitely Would Recommend

“Thank you for your kindness, professionalism, and all your help during this last year. Your guidance and expertise in my case proved why the people in the State of Mississippi rely on you for consumer law matters. I am very satisfied with the legal services provided by THE KITTELL LAW FIRM, Hernando MS. (on a scale from 1 to 10—10 would describe my satisfaction). Your mediation skills and your commitment to stand by your client throughout the process was to be commended. I definitely would recommend your law firm to anyone I know that needs legal help and readily act as a reference in your firm’s behalf at anytime.  Thank you again for what I felt was a very fair and speedy settlement in my case.”

J.W., Mississippi

Highly Recommended Attorney!!

After dealing with an unfair collection agency for months, Christopher Kittell was hired to resolve the problem. He was very professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and a fast worker. I am so happy I found him. I appreciate everything he has done for my family and I. I can’t thank him enough. If you are looking for a fair, dedicated, eager and honest attorney, please contact Christopher Kittell.

Makita, Brandon, Mississippi

Absolutely the Best Consumer Protection Attorney in USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had issues with my credit reports. Someone close to me had stolen my identity, which was wreaking havoc on my life. Such cases are hard to win. Although based in Mississippi, he got together with an attorney in New York to sue the credit bureaus and the furnishers of the information. The issue was resolved in my favour and I was compensated monetarily by the defendants for my ordeal.

I would highly recommend him to everyone in similar situation. Not only does he deeply care about his clients, he is very knowledgeable of the law.

As an added bonus, you get to hear his lovely Southern accent.

A.M., New York City, New York.

Christopher E Kittell is Awesome

I was in the Marine Corps and I am a disabled Combat Veteran. I had that same feeling you get in a combat zone. Like you just don’t know what’s gonna happen next.  I think of Attorney Christopher E. Kittell as the General that will lead us to a safe and stable future. Attorney Christopher E. Kittell is very courteous and respectful and responds rapidly to any questions or concerns. If you need an Attorney, Christopher E. Kittell is the man. I am a Marine so again I use Marine talk to describe great things. So trust The Kittell Law Firm in your legal fight. I think of it like unleashing a powerful weapon. That Weapon is The Kittell Law Firm. That weapon is fully loaded with skill and knowledge to defeat the Unjust practices of the Credit bureaus .

James, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Excellent experience with Chris Kittell

Chris is an exceptional professional. He is extremely knowledgeable about the situations he is working for you and does an outstanding job. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his firm for any legal need he services. He was able to settle my case almost exactly as he anticipated.

Anthony, Delaware

Personal Injury-Slip & Fall

Christopher has the BEST understanding and compassion that exceeds every lawyer I have ever met in the last 30 years! He is fearless, he is humble and he is very precise in every aspect of his work. Chris is the best at what he does and I feel very privileged to be one of his clients. Satisfaction is guaranteed with Christopher E. Kittell. Thank you Mr. Kittell for all you did for me.

Valerie, Little Rock, Arkansas

Credit Bureau Litigation

We are currently working with this lawyer on a credit bureau and credit card law suit, it is very timely
but Mr. Kittell has been helpful, our only disappointment is the length of time it has been taking to resolve, but that is not the fault of the lawyer will be able to report more effectively .after the case has been settled.

James, Michigan

Provided Great Advice!

Contacted Mr. Kittell and he provided excellent legal advice.

Russell, parts unknown

Lawsuit against Credit Bureaus

Has done a great job and case is almost done.

Bill, Kansas

Chris was fantastic.

Chris responded to my inquiry quickly and with solutions. He was professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. I would recommend Chris to anyone. Great Lawyer.

Stephen, Monterey, California

Consumer Litigation

Attorney Kittell was great to work with and I will definitely be using him again for any legal needs.

Luis, Phoenix, Arizona

Responds in Timely Manner

Attorney Kittell was great to work with and I will definitely be using him again for any legal needs.

Giovanni, Franklin, New Jersey

Thanks so much Mr. Kittell!

Through a phone call he provided me the information that I needed to begin to attempt to rectify the situation. His guidance was “spot on” and the issue was resolved quickly. Thanks so much Mr. Kittell!

Kevin, parts unknown

Responsive and expeditious resolution

Chris Kittell, Esq. is who you want when the Credit Bureaus are non-responsive to cleaning up errors. Responsive and expeditious resolution.

Christopher, Napa, California

Great Lawyer

Great lawyer. Chris helped me after other lawyers wouldn’t.

Jonathan, South Carolina

Highly Recommended!

Christopher Kittell was the first lawyer to respond to this case, and he did so in under 24 hours after I joined this site. He has not once been unresponsive to us or treated us as any less than deserving of respect. He has written to us in a timely manner as well, and I think what we like the most is that he was not too overloaded with cases already to work with us. It is refreshing to work with a lawyer who does not act like most physicians – like he is doing us a favor simply by existing. He is humble, kind, and readily accessible. I would recommend him to anyone with a valid and prosecutable identity theft case.

Dexter, Greenville, Mississippi

Great Lawyer

Great Lawyer….. he took care of my problem.

Mohammed, Maryland

A God Send

Christopher Kittell is an excellent lawyer. Highly Professional and extremely well educated.
For me he was a god send! He Handled my case quickly, and I received a nice sized settlement within only a couple of months. I would highly recommend his services, and certainly hire him again for any of my legal needs.

Joanne, Kansas

I would Recommend Him 10 to 1.

Chris is very knowledgeable about identity and credit fraud. He was able to explain all my rights to me in a way that I could fully understand what my options are and what I need to do to protect my rights. My case is still open, but I am fulling confident that Chris will be able to resolve the fraudulent credit charges made against me. I would recommend him 10 to 1.

Jessica, parts unknown