Dialysis Injuries

Heart attack or stroke or death during or within days of dialysis?

Detail ImgIt has been revealed that Fresnius, a German prescription drug manufacturer that owns and operates a large number of dialysis centers throughout the United States, is responsible for the deaths and other serious injuries of thousands of its patients.

The injuries, which include heart attacks, strokes, heart arrhythmia and even death, were caused by the drugs manufactured by Fresnius and the dosages given to the dialysis patients by the Fresnius clinics.

Fresnius also supplies medication and equipment to other dialyisis clinics throughout the United States.

Fresnius is allegedly responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths between 2002 and 2012.  The types of injuries caused by the drugs manufactured by Fresnius include heart attacks and strokes or deaths caused by heart attacks or strokes.  To qualify for compensation, the heart attack or stroke must have occurred within three days of the dialysis treatment and the treatment must have occurred at a Frensius owned or operated dialysis clinic.

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